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U Kiss explains, “We already received the limited edition of Diablo 3…”

U Kiss tried to clarify the controversy regarding Diablo 3.

Previously, U Kiss left a comment on Twitter saying, “Thank you for getting us Diablo 3.” Especially, Shin Soo Hyup and Kim Jae Seop mentioned it and said they want to get the limited edition before the release. Some fans questioned whether they are posting those comments to get them from the fans.

Therefore, a publicist from U Kiss’ agency, NH Media, revealed on May 17, “U Kiss already received the limited edition from Blizzard for promotional purposes. They will also partake in the recording of MBC Ongamenet’s All The Way to the Boss: Diablo 3 on May 20.”

He added, “Shin Soo Hyun who knew about this was attending South America Music Festival on May 15. So he posted his thoughts on Twitter since he wanted Diablo 3 badly, but I’m sad to see his thoughts being misinterpreted.”

According to the agency, Shin Soo Hyun knows Blizzard headquarters in the U.S personally and even received limited miniature figures. The publicist once again emphasized, “The rumors of Shin Soo Hyun asking the fans to buy him Diablo 3 is without foundation.”

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