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U-Kiss releases a beautiful ballad, “Remember”

Finally, “Remember,” the original sound track which is performed by U-Kiss’s Soohyun and Kevin for the romantic scenes of JTBC’s drama series Syndrome, is released.

This new song starts off with a beautiful piano melody and is soon joined by another instrumental music of a grand orchestra as it goes on. The harmonious melody enriches emotions within the lyrics. Also, this ballad was originally performed by the popular group UN and is now remade by U-Kiss’s Soohyun and Kevin.

With a heartrending melody in the background, two distinctive voices of Soohyun and Kevin combine in a beautiful duet. It does not lose grip of its listener towards the end of the song where it finishes with a whisper. The two vocalists show some emotional expressions during second half of the song which they had never shown before, fully revealing their skills performing a ballad. As a result, UN’s song is reborn as another masterpiece.

U-Kiss’s “Remember” will be played by the end of the fourth episode where Yeo Wook (played by Song Chang Ui) and Hae Jo (Han Hye Jin) develops a romantic relationship. The song is expected to contribute in featuring a mature scene, absorbing more viewers to the series.

The original soundtrack of Syndrome which is sung by U-Kiss is to be heard in the series as the two main characters develop a love relationship, and its recording and album are soon to be released as well.

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