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Why was IU singing “Nagging” in a taxi?

Seoul, Korea – A live broadcast of singer IU passionately singing in a taxi was shown on Afreeca TV.

On July 27 between 6 and 7 pm, IU made a surprise appearance on an Internet TV channel. She had hailed a taxi with her crew on her way to the studio and had gotten in a taxi that was broadcasting live on Afreeca TV, an online broadcasting service.

The taxi driver didn’t recognize IU at first and asked what he always asks his passengers: “Is it all right if we go on the air?” IU responded by informing the driver that she was IU the singer, and when the driver doubted her, she sang the song she had done as a duet with Lim Seul Ong, “Nagging,” to the instrumental version that the driver played for her.

Still unable to believe his passenger was IU, the driver asked her to sing yet another song. IU gladly obliged and the taxi soon became a mini concert venue.

IU’s live singing became a viral hit online, and people have been responding favorably: “IU is so suave.” “She’s a great vocalist both on and off stage.” “Both IU and the driver are one of a kind.” “I wish had been riding shotgun.”

Source: Review Star (Original article in Korean)
Photo from ReviewStar DB
Translated by Abe Jung

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