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Zico and Mighty Mouth ask “Do you like cheeseburger?”

How would you answer if Block B’s charming leader Zico and the charismatic duo Mighty Mouth Sangchu and Shorry J tell you “Don’t be shy” then out of the blue ask you “Do you like cheeseburger?” 

MTV Korea’s popular show Studio C has been gaining a lot of attention not just because of their celebrity guests but more on the show’s hosts and their funny and “quotable quotes.”

MTV Korea and Cyworld.com presented a day early (February 13th) Valentine gift to local and foreign fans. Despite the freezing temperature outside, many fans gathered in front of SBS-MTV for the said episode of the program. Cyworld’s representative said Studio C is a unique TV show in a radio program format. The hosts ala DJs are Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu and Shorry J and Block B’s Zico. Viewers can share their own stories and even get a chance to request the special guests or the hosts to read the chosen stories or give advice or sing for them. Normally, the show is not open to public but the special episode last Monday was a fan service event to thank those who are continuously supporting the show.

The show has been getting a lot of favorable response from its viewers since November last year. Obviously, the studio audience who came for the special episode were not disappointed. Non-stop laughing and cheering overwhelmed the house. In the middle of a conversation the hosts would insert expressions for fun like “Oh My God Kimchi!” And then out of the blue especially if they talk to a foreigner they would ask “Do you like cheeseburger?” Another expression that became hot that day was “Sagwahae” (Say sorry), which was popularized by the fans themselves and the girl group Dal Shabet. Apparently, you shout it when the hosts or the guests uttered or performed a joke but you did not find it funny.

The special guests for the 2 episodes were (1) MBLAQ, NS Yoon G, chAos, Sunny Hill and Monday Kiz, (2) LED Apple, Six Bomb, Dal Shabet, Electroboyz, Brian Joo and Block B.  The said episodes will be aired on February 23rd and March 1st at 11pm on MTV Korea.

Studio C is a weekly program aired every Thursday at 11pm on MTV Korea but can also be seen on MTV channels for countries like Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong on Sundays and in case you missed it there will be two reruns. You can also view the program through Global Cyworld’s StudioC miniHome.  “Don’t be shy!” All you have to do is sign up and get your own CY account then you can enjoy Studio C and have full access to photos and behind the scene footages of your favorite K-Pop stars! Since it is available in seven languages English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese (2) and Korean, the portal is user-friendly and you can even start your own “mini home page” just like how your favorite Korean stars do it.

So do you like cheeseburger?


Source: Korea.com

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