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[20 Korean Films to Look Out for Second Half of 2011] Moby Dick

Conspiracy Theories Are Everywhere
Moby Dick
Directed by PARK In-jae

By RA Jegy

In 1994, a mysterious explosion occurs under the Balam Bridge in near Seoul. A passionate reporter, LEE Bang-woo (HWANG Jung-min), begins to investigate the truth of the incident. One day, YOON Hyuk (JIN Goo) from the same town, shows up and presents several evidences that prove that the incident has been manipulated.

LEE is teamed up with his colleagues, Jin-ki (KIM Sang-ho) and Hyo-kwan (KIM Min-hee), to find the truth of the incident, but their investigations are blocked by an unidentified men and blackmailed. As they get closer to the truth, an organization controlling the government is revealed. And LEE and his team come to face the imminent threat of the unidentified organization, nobody knows who controls them, or being controlled by whom, to save the society in trouble.

While reporters have been a subject to criticize or mock in Korean films, this film takes reporters as protagonists. The production company, Palette Pictures, says that Moby Dick is the first Korean film dealing with conspiracy theories. And they are expecting a success of this film due to recently emerging of conspiracy theory in the Korean society. Because the film is combined with a fierce brain battle with intense action scenes, a key for success depending on how persuasively the film delivers, reporters find the truth. The harmony of HWANG Jungmin, proved his ticket power and talent in The Unjust , and JIN Goo, delivered an impressive performance in Mother , is another attractive point. In addition, KIM Min-hee, famous as a fashion star rather than an actress, joins this star casting. The production company comments, “This film asks ‘do you believe in what you see is always true?’ and tries to catch a social content with a touch of witty.”

Moby Dick is PARK In-jae’s directorial debut film and he won the grand prize at Mise-en-Scène Short Film Festival in 2003. It will be released in June 9, 2011, distributed by Showbox. As a middle sized film with a US$3.7 million (4 billion KRW), it will compete with Hollywood blockbuster movies during this summer season.

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