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Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild exceeds 2million viewers, and enters top 10 of the most viewed animations in Korea

The movie, Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild, which premiered on July 27th, rewrote the history of Korean animation by passing more than one million viewers in half a month, and exceeded two million viewers in twenty more days.

Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild got into the top 10 in the ranking of the Korean animation industry for the first time, where Japanese and Hollywood animations have been monopolizing.

The most watched animation movie in Korea is Kung Fu Panda 2 with 5.07million viewers. Following the ranking are: Kung Fu Panda (4.67million), Shrek 2 (3.3million), Shrek 1(3million), Howl’s Moving Castle(3.02million), Shrek 3(2.84million), How To Train Your Dragon(2.59million), The Spiriting Away Of Sen And Chihiro(2.37million), and Shrek Forever(2.23million).

Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild is still viewed by many people, so the ranking is expected to go higher.

Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild is the first Korean animation to be premiered in China in the end of September thus anticipations as a successful global contents are on the rise.

Source: MaxMovie from Nate

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