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Let’s look at these actors again: Kong Yoo, Park Hae Il, Yoo Ah In, and Kim Myung Min

Many actors, especially male actors have shown great work on TV this year. Among them, four actors stand out. They’ve already been recognized for their reputation, but their true values are discovered this year. These stars’ genuineness in acting and roles in box-office films are approved: they are Kong Yoo, Park Hae Il, Yoo Ah In, and Kim Myung Min.

Kong Yoo: He takes off an image of “pretty” boy with an aroma of coffee

Kong took off an image of sweet “pretty” boy and took a step further as an actor with improved acting skills. In the box-office movie Dogani, which became a hot issue this fall, Kong took off his previous “pretty” boy image by playing Kang In Ho, the teacher who informs the world of deaf students that are sexually abused. He succeeded in playing the difficult character which shows both rage and helplessness.

The film Dogani changed the world by closing down Inhwa School, which is the actual background of the incident, and reinvestigating those involved in the case. It is already widely known that Kong persuaded his agency to make a movie of the novel Dogani. He received the book as a present for promoting as a sergeant in the army. His meaningful step contributed to change the world.

Park Hae Il: A hero in action films is born

Park’s thirst for the Best Actor Award is finally satisfied. For his role as a great archer in another box-office film, Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon that gathered more than 7 million people, Park was awarded the Daejong Award as well as the Best Actor Award. The audience, as well as the judges gave a round of applause to Park. Now, he is clearly recognized for his acting skills and reputation in box-office movies.

He became a box-office actor through The Host, Paradise Murdered, and Moss but the spotlight always missed him until this year. In Arrow: The Ultimate Weapon, Park proved himself as the adequate actor to lead the historical film with fast-moving body and high concentration on featuring the character. In short, he was a “hero” in action films. He is a kind of actor who never rests; he now has a shaved head to shoot a new film called Eunkyo. People are looking forward to see his new side.

Yoo Ah In: The leading actor of those who are in their 20s

Among many actors in their 20s, Yoo stands out this year. In the series Sungkyunkwan Scandal, he played a luxurious character; but he let everything go in Wandeugi. Yoo changed into a rebellious high school student in the film which is seen by 4.6 million people.

Not many people have expected the 25-year-old fashionista would actually change into a high school student and appeal with another side. Because it was unexpected, the impact was bigger. Yoo has already shown his potentials through Boys Of Tomorrow, and Shim’s Family, andnow ignited fire on his career with Wandeugi building expectations over his upcoming movie.

Kim Myung Min: Kim Myung Min’s inspired performance moves filmgoers as well

No other explanations are needed for the perfectionist actor Kim Myung Min. He was successful in building reputation through the TV series Beethoven Virus and The Great White Tower; however, acting in movies was different. Except for Closer To Heaven in which he played a patient suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease, attracting 2 million movie goers, he could not make other impact in the world of movies.

But this year was different from the beginning. Kim made a big hit attracting 4 million people to the theatres with Detective K. It was all the more meaningful because Detective K was placed on top of other movies that were open for the New Year’s Day. Now, Kim keeps on working on his new movie. His follow-up work to Pace Maker is Yungashi. Would he succeed in continuing his reputation?

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