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Shin Hyun Joon and Tak Jaehoon’s ‘Barefoot Gibong’ in Singapore

Arriving to Singapore prior to their Japan Movie Premiere for ‘Marrying the Mafia IV’, veteran actors and best friends actor Shin Hyun Joon and Tak Jae hoon made a special appearance during the Barefoot Gibong Movie Premiere for Korea Film Festival, in conjunction with Korea Festival 2011, at the Shaw House Lido Theatres, Orchard Road.


Korea.com was invited for the exclusive Press Conference held at the Theatre.

Read the transcript below!


Q: Have you been to Singapore before?

Tak Jae Hoon (TAK): I have been here 4 times.

Shin Hyun Joon (SHIN): My sister-in-law is actually Chinese so I used to visit her family here several times.


Q: Can you tell us more about your movie, Barefoot Gibong which was released in 2006?

SHIN: The filming took about 6 months, but I have prepared this character for over 2 years. I worked with the same staff and crew that I know so well, so it was actually pleasant to film this movie.


Q: We see you loose a lot of weight here. Was it hard to get into the character?

SHIN: (Laughs) Well, it’s not so hard to loose the weight.


Q: For Shin, is this the most iconic character he has ever played?

SHIN: The reason why I wanted to do this movie is because that I want to show and portray that these modern days we have filial piety to our parents, and to remind our past. In the movie, it shows how much our parents have done for us, and I’d like to point that out that we shouldn’t take things for granted from our parents. Let alone this character, which he is handicapped, he still shows a lot of love to his mother. This is the message that I hope audience can take.

In today’s society, most of us takes being healthy for granted, and we don’t show much love to our parents.

Q: Share with us the most charming quality in each other!

SHIN: He’s a very nice person, and it is a very important quality when it comes to acting. This is something that I would like to learn from him. He’s a truly good person.

TAK: Shin is a really cool and charismatic person on screen, but when in off-screen, he is a very filial person. He respects his parents a lot and a very hardworking person as he puts his fullest effort to everything he does. Right now, for an example, he is a lecturer at an acting university and he takes this job very seriously. Other than that, he looks like an angry bird. (Shin laughs)


Q: You both have a great sense of humor. Who is actually funnier?

SHIN : Tak is very much funnier!


Q: On Marrying the Mafia franchise, how did you decide to take up another installment for the 4th?

TAK: We are already like a family with the casts and crews and enjoy working with them. We have a lot of respect for them. Because of the high demands from our fans who wanted the next installment; the previous three installments was very much well received. So after a break for after 5 years, we finally released this fourth one.

Q: Shin, are you going to get married anytime soon? Does Tak like to advice you on this?

SHIN: He always tells  me not to get married! (laughs)

TAK: Just a joke, joke! I always tell him to quickly settle down, but he hasn’t been able to find a woman because of his scandals.

SHIN: Well, I have no intention of getting married… I’m still young!

TAK: Well, I would usually tell him to find someone exotic like himself, since he’s a lost Arabian prince. he looks like a foreigner. (Shin laughs)


Q: Who is Kim Soo-mi to you both?

SHIN: She’s already like a true mother for us.


They were both very much welcoming and kind, even Jae Hoon noted the technical error on one’s reporter phone and pointed out, saying who’s phone is this as it’s not recording.

The long-time friends who have known each other for the past 20 years, had to comment when I asked about it for knowing each other for a long time, aren’t you guys tired of each other? They laughed at it, with Shin Hyun Joon stating that “I like him a lot. If I was a girl… then I would probably marry him” which caused serious laughter to us all.

The Korea Film Festival lasted for 4 days, ended on 29 October 2011.

It was certainly a pleasure to meet the veteran actors who have long influenced the popularity of Korean dramas and movies. And I was absolutely grateful that Shin Hyun Joon has replied on my  Twitter noting this press conference!

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Photography by Shirley Damian

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