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Suzy and Lee Jae Hoon’s kiss scene unveiled…Nabddeucky is ” The best insurance salesperson”

The chart-topping romantic film ‘Architecture 101’ directed by Lee Young-Joo, revealed deleted scenes.

The film distributor Lotte Entertainment unveiled three scenes including Suzy and Lee Jae-Hoon kissing.

In the movie, the younger Seung-Min(Lee Young-Joo) stole a kiss from Seo-Yeon(Suzy) while she was dozing off at the bus stop but Nadbbeucky wasn’t convinced that it counted as a real kiss.

In fact, they shot the kissing scene and the director worked its magic to overlap it with the real kiss Seo-Yeon and Seung-Min shared at the house they had just finished up. It was, however, edited out.

Suzy and Jae-Hoon travelled all the way down to Jeju Island to shoot the particular scene but it didn’t make it to air because it didn’t go along well with a heart-wrenching romance the movie tried to appeal to the audience. The scene will be revived on the DVD.

Nabddeukyi who played a role as “The best insurance salesperson” didn’t end up making the final cut but the decision wasn’t without delicate considerations, according to the director.

Nabbeukyi almost made another appearance on the scene where the older Seung-Min(Uhm Tae-woong) was reminiscent of the old days when Nabbeukyi was used to be his personal dating coach. This scene, once again, was deleted due to its disagreement with the movie’s tone.

Another scene the audience didn’t get to see was the one Seo-Yeon(Han Ga-in) and Seung-Min(Uhm Tae-woong) ended up in the same room after having a drinking session at a Shusi place in Jeju Island. The mixed emotions shown in his face not resonating with the romantic tone of the movie was the known reason for the cut.

Architecture 101 dominating the box office since its release 6 weeks ago has seen by 3,500,000 and still going strong taking third place at the box office behind ‘The Advengers’ and ‘ Eungyo’.

Anticipation is high around its possible recording breaking ticket sales of 4,000,000.

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