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Who is that baby with Jang Dong Gun in Warrior’s Way?

Seoul, Korea – In the midst of the unveiling of The Warrior’s Way, Jang Dong Gun’s Hollywood debut, on the 9th at the Pusan International Film Festival, a lot of attention has been given to a baby who makes an appearance in the movie.

On the 14th, according to SK Telecom, the baby is ‘April’ a child of the enemy of the greatest warrior in the world (Jang Dong Gun). The expressions and acting came so naturally during filming that many would confuse her for computer graphics.

It is said that April, who at the time of filming was 10 months old, showed more acting poise than her fellow castmates. Many people at the Pusan press conference were curious of the baby’s identity.

In The Warrior’s Way, even though the child is his most hated enemy’s, takes her in as his own and gives up everything he has and begins a new life. The baby is an important motif in the movie in that she is the one who breaks down the cold, hard exterior of the warrior and fills him up with loving feelings.

Just as in the film, April has melted Jang Dong Gun’s heart.

April, who didn’t know how to walk when filming began, started to follow every move of Jang Dong Gun, watching him closely and trying to follow his facial expressions, almost calculating every move he made, impressing the staff.

Also, according to the staff, unlike other child actors who they have to wait for the right moment to film, she surprised the staff with her actions, almost as if she memorized the script.

She fulfilled her duties almost too well, prompting director Lee Seung Moo to joke that “the child in the movie is CG. April not only fulfilled her duties as an actor but also lifted the spirits of the staff on location, acting as a source of endorphins”.

In the midst of the attention given to the chemistry between baby April and Jang Dong Gun, who recently became a father in real life, the action blockbuster The Warrior’s Way is set to open nationally on December 2nd.

By Hyun Hwa Young (young@jtn.co.kr)

Source: JTN (Original article in Korean)
Photo from JTN DB
Translated by Timothy Nam

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