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1st Place Winner’s Work of Show Your Drama Event (Korean Drama 2) by Yelina Tannia

Dae Woong lost her parents when he was a kid, his grandfather and his aunt who raised him. When Dae Woong refuses going to college, his grandfather wants to take him to a boarding school. When escapes from her grandgather, he meets Mi Ho. In the past, there was a tale of gumiho who eats the livers of humans. That’s why when he met Mi Ho for the first time, he is afraid of her. Dae Woong, once loved his senior Hae In. But then after pass many days live with Gumiho, he falls for her.


Kim Nam Gil as Bi Dam is an outstanding sword master. Before Princess Deok Man ascended the throne, he was a bizarre and ridiculous man. I believe, he’ll act this comedy romantic drama perfectly. Dae Woong is a college student who wants to be an actor. Since Nam Gil’s sword skill as Bi Dam are so great, it will be useful for play Dae Woong’ scenes for the action movie.


Gumiho has been prison in the painting for 500 years. Because she coming from the past, she is become a simple, little silly in the modern life but still kindhearted girl. Likes soda and meat so much and her beauty make every man looking at her. She is willing to do anything for the man whom she loved, Dae Woong. She wants realize just one dream, become a real human and marry with Dae Woong.


Lee Yo Won plays well in ‘The Great Queen Seon Deok’, she act as a woman with brilliant tactic and wisely ruler. In 49 Days, she played 2 roles. First, a woman who had meaningless life because her lover was died, and second, a girl with a strong passion for live to  her  fiancee. One point, everytime I see her cry scene, it is very touching. So I think she is suitable for a gumiho who can make rain comes when she is crying.

Park Dong Joo is a legendary animal too. In a modern life, he lives as a veterinarian at an animal hospital. First he tried to capture and put her back to painting. But after he finds out that Mi Ho is a reincarnation of a gumiho he once loved and kill, he tries to save her. Moreover Mi Ho wants to be a human, so she believes Dong Joo so much. For Mi Ho, he is a teacher who teach her everything about human’s life.


Rather than Kim Yu Shin, I pick Al Cheon as Park Dong Joo. Yu Shin only thinking about unification of 3 nation, although it is an order from the Queen but still I don’t feel his love. After Bi Dam died, he was believed by the Queen to become the prime minister. He is the one who always protects and be at Deok Man’s sides even until she died. It is same as Park Dong Joo, he will protect and always on Mi Ho’s side to help her realizes her dream.



Eun Hae In is Dae-woong’s senior. Actually, both Hae In and Dae Woong had strong feelings for each other. But after Hae In using him to get role in a movie and Dae Woong knows it, he started to lose his feelings. She blame Mi Ho as the reason of Dae Woong ignores her. When she learns that Mi Ho is difference from a normal human, she is trying to reveal Mi Ho’ s true identity.

Park Ye Jin takes part as Princess Cheon Myeong. Since Hae In starring an action movie with saeguk genre, Ye Jin will do this part well. Although, she is a protagonist in ‘Queen Seon Deok’, but in ‘What Happened in Bali’ she play an antagonist role as well. Like Hae In’s character in ‘What Happened in Bali’, she become a woman who will do anything to get her love. Let’s see, how the loving sister become a scheming love rival.

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