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Insights on Outstanding Korean Drama Prize #SDA2012

Thirteen Korean TV series were nominated for Outstanding Korean Drama Prize. Among the nominated series, which were all successfully broadcasted in Korea, there are some that were especially popular abroad. However, there are also some series that were very popular in Korea but were ignored by foreign audiences. On the contrary, some series were less popular in Korea than they were abroad. Of course, a series that has sold well everywhere has the best chance of winning the Outstanding Korean Drama Prize. Korea.com has analyzed the popularity of each nominee to predict the possible winner in advance.


A criterion for measuring popularity in domestic Korea is rate of viewing audiences from AGB Nielsen. Another criterion for measuring popularity abroad is the number of voluntary voters for each drama on AsianWiki website. All nominated series were given high ratings – above 90 out of 100. Also, they all share similarly high rate of viewing audiences. However, number of voluntary votes that each drama received varies between Korean and foreign audiences.


Drama series that were more popular in Korea than abroad are The Princess’s Man, My Husband Got A Family, The Greatest Love, Sign, and Deep-Rooted Tree. The Princess’s Man, which recorded on average of 24.9% of the viewing audience in Korea according to AGB Neilsen. Actor Si-hoo Park and actress Chae-won Moon made a great couple, and the supporting actors’ performances were very good as well. Unfortunately, in abroad they didn’t get a lot of attention for Princess’s Man. 712 people voluntarily participated in the rating on Asianwiki, which contrasts to 9,615 voters who rated City Hunter.


My Husband Got A Family, the only series currently ongoing among the nominees, recorded 37.0% of the viewing audience, which means that more than one-third of the Korean population watch this. The actor Jun-sang Yoo and actress Nam-joo Kim are mature and well known in Korea, but it seems that foreign audiences are not yet aware of them. Only 204 random voters participated in rating for this drama.


The Greatest Love reached 21% of the viewing audience with famous Korean actors Seung-won Cha and Hyo-jin Kong. For The Greatest Love, 624 participants voted for this drama.


Sign and Deep-Rooted Tree both recorded about 25% of the viewing audience; in other words, a quarter of Koreans watched them. Yet, unfortunately among foreign audiences, 128 people were interested in voting for Sign, and 316 people for Deep rooted tree. The probable reason that Deep-Rooted Tree got less attention abroad is that it is a historical drama that concentrated more on Korean history than on romance.


The series that were more popular abroad are Dream High 1, My Princess, and Rooftop Prince. Dream High 1 got 17.2% of the viewing audience, which is remarkably lower than the previously mentioned series. Nevertheless, its splendid casting of “idol” singers as actors and actresses helped it gain a lot of popularity abroad. 2790 audiences voluntarily voted for Dream High 1. The lead actors were Su-ji (of MissA), Kim Soo-hyun, Tack-yeon (of 2PM), Eun-jung (of T-ara), Woo-young (of 2PM), IU, and Bae Yong-joon


My Princess also had world-renowned actors, Song Seung-hun and Kim Tae-hee. Therefore it has got 2195 voluntary voters. Since it was popular abroad, it was able to, overcome its comparably low performance in Korea, which amounted to 15% of the viewing audience.


Rooftop Prince had Yoo-Cheon Park, a top Asian singer, in the lead role. He is very famous in China and Japan as a member of TVSQ. They are the countries importing Korean TV drama series. Even though Rooftop Prince recorded approximately 15% of the viewing audience in Korea (which is comparatively low), 1364 voters voted for Rooftop Prince.


The Moon Embracing The Sun and City Hunter are the most probable winners. According to statistics they were among the most popular series both in Korea and abroad. The Moon Embracing The Sun recorded an amazing 42% of the viewing audience. On AsianWiki, 3,150 participants voted for this drama. The Moon Embracing The Sun is a fictional drama about the poignant love story of a king of the Joseon Dynasty and a female shaman. The child actors’ performances drew a lot of attention, and the story touched all who watched it.



Like The Moon Embracing The Sun, City Hunter also performed very well both inside and outside of Korea. It recorded 18% of the viewing audience, which might not seem that good, but considering that another nominee, The Greatest Love, was broadcast in the very same time slot, its record is actually pretty good. In abroad, 9615 voters voted for this drama, which is a phenomenal number. This statistics say that there were more audiences interested in watching City Hunter than The Greatest Love, while they were competing with each other.


Of the 13 series competing, it seems that The Moon Embracing The Sun and City Hunter will face off in the final running. Still, there is some possibility that such other series as Rooftop Prince and Dream High may make a showing. It will be exciting to see the results. Lend your support to your favorite Korean TV drama series. Good luck to all nominees for Outstanding Korean Drama Prize.


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