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Nominees for Outstanding Korean Drama – The Moon Embracing the Sun #SDA2012

The Moon Embracing the Sun


  • Title: 해를 품은 달 / Haereul Poomeun Dal
  • Also known as: The Moon Embracing the Sun / The Sun and the Moon
  • Genre: Romance, fantasy, period
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: MBC
  • Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-04 to 2012-Mar-15
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
  • Original Soundtrack:The Moon That Embraces the Sun OST



Thirteen-year-old Heo Yeon Woo is chosen to become the Crown Princess of Joseon until the Dowager Queen plots against her and secretly orders her death. With the help of a powerful shaman’s magic, Yeon Woo escapes with her life, but loses her memories. All believe her to be dead, including the Crown Prince Hwon, who loves her and whom she was to marry. Eight years later, Yeon Woo returns as a shaman named Wol. She has not been forgotten by those she left behind, and her fate is still intertwined with Hwon, who is now the king. She must contend with the current Queen of Joseon, the Queen’s Father, and the Queen Dowager in order to reclaim her rightful place as Queen of Joseon.



Kim Soo Hyun (김수현) as Lee Hwon (이훤)

Destined to be the first Sun, he experiences love for the first time when he meets Yeon Woo. But Yeon Woo suddenly falls ill and dies. Eight years later he becomes a King who hardly smiles. One day, he encounters a shaman who resembles Yeon Woo. Naming her Wol, he starts to have doubt on Yeon Woo’s death and decides to investigate further.

Han Ga In (한가인) as Wol(월) / Heo Yeon Woo (허연우)

Destined to be the first Moon, Yeon Woo was born in the interim of Ari’s execution. Daughter of a noble family, Yeom’s sister and Hwon’s first love, she is smart, bright and well-loved. Chosen as the Crown Princess, she mysteriously fell ill and passed away a few days before the royal wedding ceremony. Just when she was believed to be dead, she was saved by Jang Nok Young, the head shaman upon the request from her late friend Ari, however she lost all her memories. Eight years later, she returns to the palace as a shaman, who is named Wol by Lee Hwon.
                                       Jung Il Woo (정일우) as Prince Yang Myung (양명군)
The second Sun, he is the elder half brother of King Hwon. He was always treated unfairly by his father, King Seongjo. Seemingly a carefree man, he had to struggle between his long, unrequited love for Yeon Woo and his brotherhood with Lee Hwon. He was extremely sad and angry when Yeon Woo dies. Eight years later he is entangled in a dynastic fight against Hwon.

Kim Min Seo (김민서) as Yoon Bo Kyung (윤보경)

The second Moon, Bo Kyung was used as a tool by the Dowager Queen to achieve more power by trying to make her the Crown Princess, which was successful after Yeon Woo’s supposed death. Later, she became the Queen, however, she was never able to consummate her marriage with Hwon.


Song Jae Hee (송재희) as Heo Yeom

High ranking official scholar. Yeon Woo’s brother and Hwon’s teacher. Females swoon when he passes by because of his good looks. He has a close friendship with Hwon who he mentored and later when Hwon become the king he become his loyal subject. After Yeon Woo’s dies he is ridden with guilt for introducing Yeon Woo to Hwon. He is also the husband towards Princess Minhwa.


Song Jae Rim (송재림) as Jin Chae Woon

A 23 year old young warrior. He is the top swordsman in Joseon and is the loyal bodyguard of Hwon. He is blessed with the looks of his courtesan mother and the swords skill of his noble father. Though talented, he obtained a lowly status as he was born by a concubine to a noble man, he received care from the official wife of his father. He has deep friendship with Yeom and Yang Myung.
  • Jung Eun Pyo as Hyung Sun
Chief of Neasi eunuch. By the side of Lee Hwon since he is crown prince. Very close friendship with Lee Hwon as he is his aid. He watched the growth of Lee Hwon and understands his feeling. Looking at Lee Hwon who becomes edgy after the death of Yeon Woo he can only sigh.
  • Yoon Hee Suk as Hong Gyu Tae
Guru at Uigeumbu(royal guard and secret police). The way he talks and acts are different from his colleagues. He is favored by King Hwon and accepted the king’s secret instruction. He investigates wearing commoners clothes and goes everywhere to investigate.
  • Kim Ye Ryung as Lady Park (Yang Myung’s mother)
Mother of Yang Myun. The concubine of great King Sungjo. Similar to Great Queen Han, she has no political ambition and has a quiet and gentle nature.
  • Seo Hyun Chul as Shim San
From deputy minister of personnel elected to Chief Royal Secretary.
  • Lee Seung Hyung as Han Jae Gil
Elected from The mayor to Minister of Defense.
  • Chu Gwi Jung (추귀정) as Court Lady Jo
Bo kyung’s personal aid since entering the palace as a Crown princess.
  • Kim Min Kyung (김민경) as Court Lady Min
From Yeom family in Bukcheon, she is the court lady responsible for Princess Min Hwa’s being.
  • Jun Mi Sun as Jang Nok Young
State female shaman of Seongsucheong, the top shaman of Joseon. She has all information about the incident of crown princess death. She has strong strength in cursing that nobody dares to stare at her. Because of constant opposition from scholars, Seongsucheong is in danger. In order to save Seongsucheong she decides to help the Great Empress Queen Dowager Yoon.
  • Kim Ik Tae as Hye Gak
Guru of Sogyeokseo. He had been dragged onto the death of the Crown princess. He misunderstood Shaman Jang after discovering her plan to become the accomplice of the Queen Dowager. He risk his life to oppose her spells.
  • Bae Noo Ri (배누리) as Jan Shil
    • Jo Min Ah (조민아) as young Jan Shil
Slave shaman the successor of Jang Nok Young. She has constant fear of her own divine power. Her stare penetrates a person’s thoughts.She has the ability to foresee the future unknowingly.
  • Jang Young Nam as Ari (cameo, ep 1)
Close relationship with Jang Nok Young, has strong divine power. She was saved by Yeon Hwo’s mother and oath to protect the child as payment for saving her life.
  • Kim Young Ae as Queen Dowager Jung Hui
Mother of King Sungjo and Grandmother of Lee Hwon who has political relationship with Yoon Dae Hyung. The death of crown princess was manipulated by her.
  • Ahn Nae Sang as King Sung Jo (Lee Hwon’s father)
Father of Hwon , Yang Myung and Min Hwa. The king is with both intellect and military ability. The involvement of his beloved brother Prince Uiseong, in conspiracy which brought the latter death, is a faded memory that can make him shed a tears. At the same time very much loving to Prince Yang Myung but never show it. In order to the crown prince Hwon can become strong king he implements the correct politic to support him.
  • Kim Sun Kyung as Queen So Hye
Mother of Lee Hwon, she is not from a noble family. She want Yeon Woo to become the crown princess. She believes that the worsening health condition of Hwon is due of spirit of dead Yeon Woo.
  • Nam Bo Ra as Princess Min Hwa
    • Jin Ji Hee as young Princess Min Hwa
Lee Hwon’s sister, she is the main reason that caused Yeon-woo’s death. Her marriage with Yeon-woo’s brother caused her guilt after she realized what she had done after she gave birth to her son
  • Sun Woo Jae Duk as Heo Young Jae
Yeom and Yeon Woo’s father. Trust by king Sungjo for his loyalty. He is viwed by Yoon Dae Hyung as an opponent. He died due to the heartache of Yeon Woo’s sudden death.
  • Yang Mi Kyung as Shin Jung Kyung/ Lady Jeonggyeong
Yeom and Yeon Woo’s Mother. Mother in-law of Princess Minhwa. She is a very warm person but because of her daughter and husband’s death, she is at the edge of losing her vitality. Princess Minhwa is the one that helps her recover her smile.
  • Yoon Seung Ah as Seol
    • Seo Ji Hee as young Seol
She was the maid serving of Heo’s family. She was named Sol by Heo Yeom and harbors an unrequited love for him. She is a swordswoman who protects Yeon Woo during her time as shaman Wol.
  • Kim Eung Soo as Yoon Dae Hyung
Father in-law of Hwon, the Father of Bo kyung and the leader of consort clan. He is an experienced politician who would not stop chasing power.
  • Jang Hee Soo (장희수) as Mrs. Kim
Wife of Yoon Dae Hyun and Mother of Bo kyung.
  • Kim Seung Wook as Yoon Soo Chan
Ministry of taxation promoted to minister oat ministry personnel. 



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