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2AM’s Jo Kwon drops a bombshell: “Park Jin Young treats female singers differently”

Recently, 2AM’s Jo Kwon revealed that Park Jin Young “discriminates” between singers.

In the episode of KBS 2’s Happy Together 3 that will air on July 12, Jo makes an appearance and drops a bombshell by saying that Park Jin Young treats female singers differently from male singers.

He started off saying, “Producer Park Jin Young only likes female singers. When male singers are recording a song, he looks very irritated, but he looks different when he’s around female singers.”

According to Jo, Park kept a stiff look when male singers were recording, but as soon as the Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun walked into the studio, his face brightened up.

He also told an anecdote about when he was in the group 2AM and was scolded by Park. He said, “When we walked off the stage after giving a performance, Park called us. He told us to gather in front of the phone with a piece of paper and a pen.”

Jo Kwon recently debuted as a soloist.

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