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4minute’s Hyun Ah promises to cook steak for her future husband

4minute’s Hyun Ah recently sent a video message to her future husband.

4minute went to Singapore on QTV’s 4minute’s Travel Maker and got on a ferris wheel.

The members said, “I heard many people propose here so let’s send messages to our future husbands.” Hyun Ah smiled and said, “Just thinking of it makes me happy.”

Hyun Ah continued, “Hello, my future husband. Please take care of me and give me lots of love.” The members blamed Hyun Ah saying, “It’s awkward. You were conscious of your fans.” Then Hyun Ah sent a message again with her natural tone.

She made the members puzzled by saying, “Honey! I will cook steak for you for breakfast. Or I will make a lot of money and hire someone to cook steak for you every morning. And if you want to live with me, you have to raise 101 puppies. You and the puppies will live on the first floor of our house and I will live on the second floor.”

Heo Ga Yoon made people laugh by saying, “I’m in Singapore and it’s very nice. We should have lots of money to come here. So you should make lots of money from now on. I will too.”

The show will air on August 15 at 11:00 at night.

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