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Actor Joo Won to become a venomous bridal mask

The still-cuts of actor Joo Won have been revealed. He is expected to flutter many women’s hearts with his spiteful and chic charms.

Jo Won plays the role of the hero Lee Gang To on KBS 2TV’s Bridal Mask, which has the highest viewer ratings among other series that air at that time. The revealed still-cuts show how chic he is. He slicked back his hair and matched the style by wearing a double suit.

His powerful transformation as Lee Gang To hints his change of mind. On the sixth episode that aired on June 14, Lee lost his mother Song Ok Sook and his brother Lee Gang San in one night. He figures out that the murderer is Kenji, so he wears a bridal mask and starts to seek revenge on Kenji.

The production crew revealed, “Because of the death of the first generation bridal mask, Lee Gang San, Lee Gang To will become venomous. His cold hearted and chic side heralds the transformation of heart. Please pay attention to the changes of Lee Gang To.”

Another interesting story will be developed as Shoonji (played by Park Gi Woong) fights the bridal mask after seeing the bridal mask beating Kenji down.

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