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B2ST’s Jun Hyung and Infinite’s L change into cute thieves

B2ST’s Jun Hyung and Infinite’s L are changing into cute thieves with SHINee’s Minho in one of the episodes of SBS TV’s sitcom Salamander Guru and the Gang.

In the episode of Salamander Guru and the Gang, Jun Hyung and L are playing the roles of Joker and L, respectively. They’ve stolen many expensive pictures with Min Hyuk (played by Minho), who is nicknamed “Shadow,” breaking security systems at rich people’s houses. Unlike Min Hyuk, who wants to let go of his past, Joker and L are still living in the dark world.

Joker threatens Min Hyuk to join their crime by beating him up and getting him down on his knees, and L mocks Won Sam (played by Im Won Hee), who flies at them shouting, “You stupid gansters!” saying, “What on earth is he doing?”

Eventually the three cute thieves steal Shin Yun Bok’s pictures from a black marketeer with the ugly salamander gurus, Won Sam and Sun Dal (played by Oh Dal Soo).

The crew members of the sitcom say, “It seemed almost like there were full of flowers around us. With their handsome faces, wonderful singing abilities, and great acting skills, they have become the envy of us.” It will air on February 10 at 11:05 p.m.

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