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[Exclusive] New Face to Look Out in 2012: Shin-woo

Standing more than an average Asian figure of 189cm, body like a semi-god from the olden times of Greece and a well-defined face perfectly fit to be on the cover of Men’s Health this is the man of 2012 we should look out for. Winning the ‘Cool Guy Competition’ back in 2009 under the iconic magazine to showcase the best bodies on the cover where it takes pride and ego to do so, Men’s Health, he recently signed off with his new agency, Stallion Entertainment, who actor Sung Hoon is also part of.

Meet Shin-woo, one of the invited models to walk down Music & Mens Fashion Week 2012, presented by Fide Fashion Week. Mens Fashion Week was inaugurated just a year ago and it immensely grew by twice the size of its programs and invited Asian stars.

Search him only for his name, and you’ll find none. His real name however, Lee Ji Hoon, will show you links, and if you were not part of the Hallyu craze in 2009, he has shot with actress-singer Solbi.

It was a perfect chance and lucky coincidence to have met the two, and the manager agreed for me to do an exclusive interview on the last day. Agreeing to meet a few hours before the closing show of the festival, which is MCM and where both Sung Hoon and Shin-woo had been booked to walked down the runway and Daniel Henney sitting down front row, I hastily arrived and with a hunch that they were not waiting at the MCM lounge, I raced to the backstage area and to my amazement, there they were with their CEO, all four sitting down. I quickly exchanged my proper introduction before leading the way to conduct the interview at the MCM lounge, and saw them dressed in a casual but chic way. The first to go, Shin, was simply dressed in a blue shirt, unbuttoned and a cut-off jeans above his knee which I would assume that his lengthy legs gave away and the jeans was meant not be at this short length. In leather loafers, he sat down on the bench obviously shallow for his height but he casually crossed legs and was keen with his actual good command of English, but hesitant to use so. With the help of the young translator who resembles like Arirang TV’s Showbiz Extra MC, I started the interview.

Have you ever walked for Seoul Fashion Week (SFW) or other international shows before?
I did a very few back in Korea; it wasn’t really my first career back then. Internationally, I have never walked before.

Technically, M2FW is now your first grounds of walking in the international catwalk?
Yes, this is my first time and I am thrilled to be part of it.

How do you find this festival and Singapore, which I believe is your first trip down?
I have to admit that Singapore is amazing, and this hotel is just beyond anything ordinary. I am very impressed with the architecture, the combination of the urban land and bringing nature together. Regardless of the on and off weather [where it has been raining and sunny becomes unpredictable] I enjoyed the hotel’s swimming pool, and have met a lot of cool new people and designers. It really is an unforgettable experience.

Since today is the last day of the festival, you’ve seen or wore the designers down the runway. Who are your favourites from this event?
I thoroughly enjoyed all the shows and entertainment here; my favourites would have to be Songzio, Richard Chai, BODYBOUND – this is amazing really, it has a different feel than the collections we most see, and MCM.

At this point, Sung Hoon butts in, laughing off from the answer given. “That’s all the shows you walked in!” and Shin reluctantly gave away a chuckle without saying anything, caught offguard by the quick reaction from Sung Hoon.

It’s a shame that the festival is over and you all will be returning back. Shared by your manager that you will start to pursue your career in the entertainment industry, who do you aspire to?
Frankly, there are a lot of pretty boys [in South Korea]. It looses the touch of a man’s image; the strong – it doesn’t have to be brawl – epitome of a manly man. I aspire to one British actor, David Griffin, and if it’s in my fate, I would like that chance to be someone like that for Korea.

Being the epitome of a man surely is needed these days from the soft, feminine-looking boys widely known in Korea, and I truly support you for that. As you’re going to be a person that the world will get to know soon, share with us one thing that we don’t know about you!
(Thinks) I may look cool from the outside, but I’m actually a very fun person.

Sung Hoon again, laughs and stares to him in disbelief. “Poker face!” he commented, making all us laugh.

Your estranged face surely does not show that but I would then believe you. Finally, what are you up to in the next 10 minutes?
The next 10 minutes? I would have to take of my shirt and start doing sit ups to get my chocolate done. (laughs) Since MCM needs me, clothes off.

The next 10 years?
(Ponders) I really haven’t thought about it that far, but I hope to have an established career and world-famous? (Laughs)

Give us your final word for our Korea.com readers!
Hello everyone, this is Shin woo greeting from Singapore. I hope that everyone of you can welcome me warmly to my ventures in the future and have a look out for me. I kindly ask for your support! I will work hard and do my best as Shin-woo! Thank you very much for this interview and I hope to greet you again in the future!

Hope that brightens up your Friday, Korea.com folks! Look forward to the weekend exclusive where you will find no other candid image anywhere else where we went a little crazy for a picture with noneother with Sung Hoon, the male lead in ‘New Tales of Gisaeng‘ and of course, leaving a picture below with the two emerging talents in a nice face. Of course, if you cannot wait and would like to be updated as soon as Sung Hoon says hello to you stay tune for the minute update.

Special thanks to Stallion Entertainment team and MFW translator to have helped out that day.

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