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Feeling his Thrill and Love at Song Joong Ki Fanmeeting in Singapore

His 3-day SIngapore visit ended in an exhilarating, 2-hour fanmeet, which was more like a friends’ gathering of how he treated his fans like friends. Actor and MC Song Joong Ki visited SIngapore for his first Asia fanmeet tour ‘Thrill and Love’ and made the sunny island his home for 3 days. His activities included his warm welcome at the airport, the open press conference, a close one where only media and lucky ticket holder fans witness his wit on personal interviews, charity lunch, and finally, his fanmeet where all fans have been waiting for on the 27th May 2012.

Ushering fans to the auditorium, they all patiently waited until host Atong comes out to assure the fans that he is behind there waiting for everyone to call out his name. It was only when the lights start to dim, and the spotlight turned on into one of the entrance on the right where the actor came in a green blazer and grey slacks with proper black shoes, only to serenade into a ballad song which made a surprising entrance.

“Nice to meet you all, hello everyone, my name is Song Joong Ki, pangaseumnida,” he greeted afterwards and sat on the prepared chair of three, with the host and his translator. Nicknamed as “the pretty boy” which the host came around to say it so, they chatted more on things that was previously discussed during the conference and dug deeper into more certain aspects of the drama and movies he portrayed in.


“Singapore… I remember it being clean and serene. It still is, and this is my third time in Singapore,” Song shared his view on what Singapore is like for him. Despite his sudden jolt of thrill made during his jogging session at Marina Bay Sands, his fans who came on stage to play a round of games and made sudden contact didn’t make him loose his calm and collected composure. With much ease and gentleness, his face shared the same ‘pang of guilt’ like the girl who suddenly hugged him because she came in second place instead of the first (where the prize is photo-taking and getting a hug from Song) and was pulled away by security. He felt sorry that he couldn’t hug each and everyone of his fans who has cherished him very much.

Hilarious games included a race of 3-rounds eating and the need to hug Song with a balloon in order to pop it between and re-enacting a scene from his acting. Song himself got down from the stage and personally chose his fans to play the game, a few being Koreans and one, after the discussion of having the use of insoles inside his shoe, was a fan who wore high platform shoes which currently is in trend. “Oh~ You have high insoles. Congratulations,” he announced, causing laughter, after picking the girl as one of the lucky fans to play onstage.

It was also a proud and eventful day for Korea.com’s own photographer to have won the eating game!

Later into the session, they played a video in compilation of his childhood Fans had also prepared a special fan video for the actor. That goes as well to his trip down the memory lane as the fans and Song viewed his childhood memory video. “Ah, I was such a naughty boy, very, very, naughty,” he confirms, making the fans laugh. “I broke many windows” due to his notoriety of playing outside of his house, which makes MC Atong commented to all that “everyone should let their sons be naughty because they will grow up to be like Joong Ki.”

Successfully showcasing his well-rounded talents from acting, MC-ing and even singing, as he closed his fanmeet with the famous song “Red Sun” where everyone joined in to sing the chorus, the fanmeet was more than anyone can imagine, with the actor to walk down every aisle where fans were seated at, posed for pictures in front of fans’ camera, shook hands and personally picked the game players from the audience. What’s more, he prepared a limited bunch of roses that was given out to lucky fans that immediately swooned over his gentleman gesture.

His two-hour fanmeet concludes in a handshake or hi-5 session with all present audience at Shine Auditorium. His sincere gesture and amicable persona will make all fall in love with his down-to-earth and approachable quality of being a public figure, making all the fans and new fans alike cannot wait for his future return to the island!

Special thanks to Boom Korea for the access pass for the entire coverage!

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