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f(x)’s Krystal shows secret piano skills as well as a harmonica performance in High Kick 3


f(x)’s Krystal finally won someone’s trust.

At the beginning of the episode of MBC’s sitcom High Kick 3: The Short Legs Counterattack that aired on February 8, Krystal seemed to be lying to Kang Seung Yoon about her piano skills.

Seung Yoon was thrown into a situation where he needed a pianist for his second audition. Krystal was craving for steak when she caught him in need, so she proposed a deal: If he buys her steak, she will play the piano for him. Seung Yoon agreed, and he bought steak for her. Just then, Seung Yoon began to doubt if Krystal could play the piano.

When Krystal found out that Seung Yoon was doubting her piano skills, she assured him that she is good at playing the piano because she learned it from Yuhki Kuramoto when they ran into each other in a random hamburger restaurant in L.A. But every member of Krystal’s family advised Seung Yoon not to believe in her. Seung Yoon pondered over the issue and finally decided to go to the audition by himself.

When Seung Yoon was about to sing at the audition, Krystal jumped in the studio and said that she would play for him. Surprisingly, she showed perfect piano skills along with a cute harmonica performance. Viewers grinned when Krystal finally earned Seung Yoon’s trust by the end of the broadcast.

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