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High Kick 3: Kim Bum changes into a CEO who has numbers of phobias

Kim Bum has gotten laughs by changing into a person who has numbers of phobias.

In the episode of MBC TV’s sitcom High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged that aired on March 8, Kim Bum made a cameo appearance and played a role of a twentysomething department store CEO who had numbers of phobias.

In the episode, Soo Jung (played by f(x)’s Krystal) went to a department store and got locked up in an elevator with Kim Bum as it suddenly broke down and stopped. Kim suffered from claustrophobia but overcame the situation as Soo Jung kindly held his hands.

To repay her for her kindness, Kim bought her lots of gifts and invited her to dinner. Soo Jung quickly fell in love with him, but there was a serious problem between them. It was numbers of phobias that Kim had. Because he had a phobia about sharp objects, he had to eat a steak with plastic gloves on. They went to downtown to have a date but soon had to move to another place because of Kim’s agoraphobia.

When Kim visited Soo Jung’s place, he feared from dotted patterns on the T-shirt Soo Jung’s mother was wearing. When Soo Jung’s family paid attention to him, he also feared from the attention.

As Kim kept fearing so many things, Soo Jung eventually gave up on him although he could buy her many things that she wanted. Being tired of Kim’s phobias, Soo Jung kept saying, “Oh, my god.”

Kim eventually went to a hospital to cure his phobias but he again got laughs as the doctor said he was suffering from 107 phobias.

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