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In Glory Jane, Kim Young Kwang and Yoon Jane fall asleep in the same pose, facing each other

In the episode of KBS’s drama series Glory Jane that aired on the 20th, the scene in which Yoon Jane (played by Park Min Young) and Kim Young Kwang (played by Chun Jung Myung) falling asleep in the same pose left a longing impression to viewers. Some viewers cried at the scene because Yoon and Kim were sleeping so peacefully without knowing each other’s stories.

Kim saves Yoon from Park Koon Ja (played by Choi Myung Gil) who was harshly criticizing her, saying, “Isn’t it an older brother’s job to look after his little sister?” Kim even cooks some noodles for Yoon, and caresses her cheeks lovingly when she falls asleep after eating the noodles.

As mentioned above, the scene in which Yoon and Jane fall asleep in the same pose facing each other, left a longing impression on viewers because their love cannot come true.

Viewers comment: “It was so nice of Kim to give Yoon a warm hug, who was full of sorrow.” “I cried my eyes out watching the episode.” “Their bright attitudes made me smile, but it also gave me a heart-ache after listening to their sad behind-the-scenes stories. I hope they get through this all right.”

The production company says, “Since Kim and Yoon are misunderstanding each other as half-brothers and sisters, you can look forward to how their relationship would develop.”

In the episode, Kim loses his father in a tragic car accident and might as well lose his career in baseball. All of a sudden, he becomes the breadwinner of his family, and Yoon breaks into his house saying that she would live with him.

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