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Is Goodbye Dear Wife about divorce?

About the drama series Goodbye Dear Wife, it was reported that it’s not about divorce.

Scheduled to air the first episode on May 7, Channel A’s new drama series Goodbye Dear Wife is currently receiving wide attention as it’s actor Ryu Shi Won’s new drama series in four years. However, as soon as the teaser video of the series was released, people started arguing that the series was about divorce or not.

It’s because Hyang Gi (played by Park Ji Yoon) cries in front of Seung Hyuk (played by Ryu Shi Won) and asks, “Can you leave your wife?” in the teaser video. Hyang Gi is Seung Hyuk’s first love, and Seung Hyuk gets strongly attracted to her again.

Many people are misunderstanding about the series from its title and teaser video. However, it’s a romantic comedy genre about husbands and wives who need romance in their marriage. It’s a story about Seung Hyuk, a childish husband who wants to leave his wife to go back to his first love, Sun Ah, Seung Hyuk’s wife who is tired of dealing with her husband, and Hyang Gi, Seung Hyuk’s first love who captivates him again.

Many people are now curious about why Seung Hyuk lets his wife upset and how he will let her get married again in the drama series Goodbye Dear Wife. 


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