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Jewelry’s Ye Won is overshadowed by strong popularity of miss A’s Suzy

Jewelry’s Ye Won recently got humiliated by “special episode featuring miss A’s Suzy.”

In the episode of KBS’s Invincible Youth that aired on June 2, Suzy and Ye Won was given a mission for which they make salted octopus, and B6—Boy six, consisting of Andy, Lee Hyun Woo, Paik Sung Hyun, L, Kang Kyun Sung, and Park Hwoi Soon—hit up the farm to help the girls.

Only Suzy and Ye Won appeared in the show as all the other G6 members have gone abroad for their concerts. With the appearance of male celebrities, the two remaining girl members were put into the rivalry situations. While the episode was even dubbed “Special episode featuring Suzy,” all the male guests’ attention was centered on Suzy, therefore Jewerly’s Yeo Won was forced to get humiliated by being overshadowed.

A poll asking the guests their favorite G6 members was held, and the result revealed: (shocking) all the male guests except Park Hwoi Soon, as many as five, revealed their heart to Suzy.

Saved by one vote, Ye Won, however, got frustrated by learning the one precious vote was from Park Hwoi Soon, which made everyone the set laugh hard.

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