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Jung Il Woo in 40 Days shows a passionate dance and becomes more charming every moment

Seoul, Korea – As today’s version of the angel of death, “Scheduler,” Jung Il Woo has captivated viewers’ attention with his charms.

Jung, who appeared as Scheduler in SBS TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama series 49 Days (screenplay by So Hyeon Gyeong and directed by Jo Yeong Gwang)that aired on the 17th, showed a new charm and acting skills that are more stable than before, receiving favorable reviews from viewers.

On the episode, Ji Hyeon (played by Nam Gyu Ri) starts a revival project in which she has to collect pure 100% tears from her lover. She borrows the body of I Kyeong (played by Lee Yo Won) and sets out on a 49-day quest.

Since Ji Hyeon does not know many things about the new world, she asks Scheduler Jung about many things and is always finding something, annoying Jung. As a result, the two are shown as having many quarrels.

Jung drew the attention of viewers with his charming image of angel of death by riding the motorcycle and listening to music while playing guitar at the rooftop.

Not only that, Jung was shown having fun, moving his body to the music from an indie band performance he was watching. Wearing comfortable clothes, Jung radiated another new charm by singing along with the music while dancing to it.

However, with an emergency call from Ji Hyeon, the atmosphere that was at its peak was broken, but Jung is irritated by her “please save me” call. He, who was passionately enjoying the music, went to find Ji Hyeon and burst into a rage when she ignored his call to open the door.

He then left, saying, “The 49-day traveler must adapt to his or her own circumstances. I won’t help you, so don’t look for me or call me.”

After its first broadcast, the series has captivated its viewers with its fast-paced, unique story and charms of its carefree Scheduler, Jung, and the interest towards the 49-day story is increasing.

By Lee Seo Eun (idsoft3@reviewstar.net)

Source: ReviewStar (Original article in Korean)
Photo from ReviewStar DB
Translated by Sung Kyu Chang / Korea.com

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