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“K-Pop Star,” Kang Ta, Se7en, Psy, Kim Tae Woo, and Super Junior’s Donghae appear as one-day judges

“Kang Ta, Se7en, Psy, Kim Tae Woo, and Super Junior’s Donghae are appearing on K-Pop Star!”

They are going to appear on SBS TV’s Survival Audition K-Pop Star as one-day judges.

In the fourth episode of SBS TV’s Survival Audition K-Pop Star that will air on December 25, Kang Ta, Se7en, Psy, Kim Tae Woo, and Super Junior’s Donghae will appear as one-day judges. They heat up the audition by making a surprising guest appearance on the set of the one-on-one audition, held by the Big 3 judges, Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young, and BoA. It aims at the applicants who passed the previous round.

They also attract attention by making cutting remarks on the applicants as one-day judges representing SM, YG, and JYP. H.O.T’s Kang Ta and god’s Kim Tae Woo, who started the K-pop boom, and Se7en and Super Junior’s Donghae, who are continuing the K-pop boom, and Psy, who has strong individuality with his unique dance and music, sincerely evaluate each applicant’s performance, helping Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young, and BoA, and expressed their love to K-Pop Star. Regarding this, the audience’s curiosity about their special comments has also been increased.

Especially, at the one-on-one audition, each of the Big 3 judges of strong individuality evaluates the applicants in a separate room, so the distinct characteristics of each judge are more clearly shown. So far, the judges have watched the applicants at a distance. But through the one-on-one audition, they finally see the applicants’ performances at a close range. The judges grasp strengths and weaknesses of each applicant in more detail and apply them to their one-on-one training.

On the set, most of the judges create an atmosphere of encouraging the applicants, but Yang Hyun Suk bawls his applicants out. Because Yang is usually clear about his likes and dislikes, he praises the applicants who perform well and scolds the applicants who are not enough. Also, Se7en gets a laugh by saying, “Because I heard that my boss Yang Hyun Suk doesn’t consider applicants’ looks, I’ll consider their looks.”

Park’s room reminds of a classroom for an individual lesson. Park checks the applicants’ performances one by one and personally coaches them to upgrade their talents. Park and Kim Tae Woo who audition the applicants in the same room also talk about the day when Kim auditioned for god.

BoA’s one-on-one audition is proceeded in the friendliest mood with Kang Ta and Donghae. BoA advises her applicants in a friendly way, but her advice is still sharp as befits her nickname, Cold-hearted Mother.

A spokesperson for K-Pop Star says, “The artists’ enthusiastic support is making this program better. As the audition progresses, the competition will be more and more intense and the applicants will also be remarkably improved. The second round of the audition has started. Please give more support to K-Pop Star.”

K-Pop Star is currently attracting attention with the appearance of one-day judges and diverse performances of the applicants who passed the first round. The audience is now looking forward to seeing the next episode. The winner of K-Pop Star will be awarded a prize worth three hundred million won, an opportunity to release an album worldwide, and a car as an additional prize. SBS TV’s Survival Audition K-Pop Star can be watched on every Sunday at 6:40 p.m.

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