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Kim Kibum vs. Yang Jin Woo: “Who has the best body?”

Kim Kibum and Yang Jin Woo recently competed against each other with their muscles.

In the 6th episode of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday series I Love Lee Tae Ri, which will air on June 12, Kim and Yang will start competing against each other to win Park Ye Jin’s love.

The series is a fantasy romance comedy that takes place over 100 days between Kim, who quickly grows from a 14 year old innocent boy into a 25 year old perfect man after a single day, and Park, who plays the daughter in a rich family.

In the stills, which were released online, Kim and Yang are exposing their upper bodies to win Park’s hearts.

Yang asks Kim to have a swimming contest so that he can make Kim to get away from Park. Yang doesn’t know that Kim is a 14-year old swimmer, who won the gold medal at the National Children’s Sports Meet. People are wondering if Kim will embarrass Yang or not by beating him in the contest.

The two actors showed off their well muscled bodies and captured a lot of attention from the female staff members.

People responded: “Kim and Yang are competing against each other for Park. I think Park has saved a country in her past life.” “Kim will likely win the swimming match. I can’t wait to see the winner.” “I should watch the series so that I can see their perfect figures.”

In the 6th episode of the series, Kim, Park, and Yang will form a love triangle and make the series more enjoyable.

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