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Kim Soo Hyun looks sexy while drinking beer

A new TV commercial, starring Kim Soo Hyun having fun while traveling with his friends, for Cass Fresh is getting a lot of attention.

A teaser video for the commercial was released last week and the commercial began airing on April 26. Many people are sending favorable reviews to Kim for portraying the passionate youth culture.

Kim, who is well known as a pretty boy, has become the new representative for Cass Fresh and he had the chance to show off his suggestive and sexy charms.

In the commercial, Kim is taking pictures with models in front of a ten-story beer can tower. He is also having fun drinking beer near a campfire.

Since Kim, who is on a leave of absence from Chung-ang University, has been keeping busy as an actor, he couldn’t go on a trip with his friends. But he enjoyed shooting the commercial like he is really traveling.

People responded: “I can’t take my eyes off Kim. He is showing off a completely different side.” “I’ve never seen a person who is so sexy while drinking beer.” “Since Kim returned as a manly man after playing the role of a king named Lee Hwon, I can’t sleep at all.”

A spokesperson for OB Beer said that they will try various ways to have fun with the youth in their 20s through their campaign ‘Cass Youth Culture Survey.’

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