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Kolleen Park is appointed a judge for tvN’s Korea’s Got Talent

Seoul, Korea – Musical director Kolleen Park has been selected as one of the judges for tvN’s Korea’s Got Talent audition program.

Upon appointing Kolleen Park as a judge, tvN representatives said, “She will be able to critically and professionally judge contestants on their singing, instrument playing, dancing, and acting. We have involved her during the program’s inception as we thought her to be the right person for the job.”

Korea’s Got Talent will not discriminate by age or gender and will judge solely on contestants’ ability at singing, instrument playing, dancing, comedy, and magic. It will be a survival-based audition program which will start accepting auditions in April and start broadcasting in June.

Kolleen Park had previously stated an interest in judging on a show such as Korea’s Got Talent (based on the original program Britain’s Got Talent) because she loved the original British program and wanted to meet diverse talented individuals.

Korea’s Got Talent semifinalists will be invited to sign a contract with Sony Music, and the final winner will receive a maximum sum of 300 million won as a prize.

By Yoon Bora (bora@jtn.co.kr)
Photo from JTN
Translated by Tim Lee / Korea.com

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