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Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung admit their romantic relationship

Recently, there was breaking news about actor Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung admitting their relationship, but netizens do not appear to be surprised.

On August 19, both actors admitted their relationship by writing on each of their official website.

Netizens who saw the postings gave various reactions, but most of them do not seem to be surprised at the news. They said: “They finally admit their relationship.” “They denied it strongly but why admit it now?” “Lee Min Jung admitted it.” “Their confession isn’t that shocking.” “Not that surprising.” “They overcame 12 years of age difference between them.” “Wow. I didn’t like Lee Byung Hun much.” “Congrats. It’s good to see you seeing a good person for each other.”

Lee Bung Hyun posted on his website, “I met Lee Min Jung for the first time at a gathering with my acquaintances. It’s been several years since we said hello to each other, though not often. Then at the beginning of this year we came across each other and that is when we began to see each other seriously.”

Lee Min Jung also wrote, “I don’t know where to begin. First of all, I want to say that we are lovers and are serious in our relationship,” admitting her relationship with Lee Byung Hun.

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