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Lee Je Hoon and Yuri’s deep kiss scene arouses jealousy and admiration

Fans protests, “The kiss scene is way too hot!” after Lee Je Hoon and Yuri’s scene is aired.

In the SBS TV series Fashion King (written by Lee Sun Mi and Kim Ki Ho, directed by Lee Myung Woo) which aired on the 27th, the love relationship between Jae Hyuk (acted by Je Hoon) and Anna (acted by Yuri) is revealed.

Jae Hyuk and Anna had been lovers in the past, but separated because of the opposition of Jae Hyuk’s family. One day, Jae Hyuk visits Anna in New York to ask about scouting for the latest trends in fashion, to which Anna agrees.

Anna then asks him, “Do you still love me?” Jae Hyuk kisses her in reply. Fans showed both delight and jealousy.

After seeing the kiss scene, netizens left comments like, “Their tall nose drew my attention,” “It was really hot. I was surprised,” “That was nothing compared to the kiss scene with Suzy,” “I didn’t think the kiss scene would be so hot,” “I’m totally jealous,” “The kiss scene is way too hot!”

Lee Jae Hoon shot a new movie with Miss A’s Suzy, Architecture 101, which was released on the 22nd. He played the role of Seung Min.  The movie portrays a sweet love story of university freshmen.

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