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Leeteuk, the “happy icon” of Super Junior, confesses his miserable childhood

Super Junior’s Leeteuk, who always seemed to be joyous and happy, revealed his miserable childhood with family trouble.

In the episode of MBC Special’s Super Junior, Dreaming to Be the Legend of K-pop! that aired on April 27 at 11:15 p.m., Super Junior was spotted performing at its exclusive concert in Paris, France on April 6.

Leeteuk confessed, “After spending five years as a trainee, I wondered if I was going to debut or ever be successful.” He revealed that he always strived for happiness when he said, “I often asked myself why I had to be so miserable. I even thought that I would’ve been happier if I was born in a wealthy family with an abundant background.”

When a reporter asked him about his environment before the debut, tears welled up in his eyes and eventually, he broke into tears. He began, “I’ve never talked about this…” and confessed for the first time on broadcast that his parents did not have a good relationship.

He continued, “Frequently, they got into a fight, and I was beaten a lot of times. I’ve received tons of stress since elementary school. I was scared of my father and hated him.

 So when I was preparing to be a singer, I often thought, ‘Is it right to be on this career?’ I was eager to be successful as soon as possible.” On hearing his genuine confession, his fans were deeply moved.

In the meantime, Super Junior is currently on a world tour and is now giving a Super Show 2 concert in Jakarta, Indonesia from the 27th to 29th of April.

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