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MBLAQ’s richest boy G.O has twenty rooms in his house

MBLAQ’s G.O has become the richest boy among the group members.

The group appeared on MBC Music’s hybrid chart show All The K-pop and said that G.O is a new rich boy following Mir, who is known as a wealthy property holder.

G.O’s father ran a big golf course in the past and several other leisure businesses, including, survival game field, snow sled field, and a water sled field. But none of them were a big success.

G.O said, “My father built a house on the filed after all.” Mir said, “I visited the house and I was surprised to see over twenty rooms in the house.”

MCs for the show asked G.O if it is a hotel or not, he replied, “No, it’s not.” As a result, G.O became the richest member in the group.

In addition, Lee Jun, who is known to have a 98 IQ score, ranked first and became the smartest member in the group on the show. The show, which will air on August 24 at 6:00 p.m. will reveal various episodes about group member.

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