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Na Moon Hee and Kim Beom appeared on the drama, Pada Padam

Actress Na Moon Hee and Kim Beom appeared on JTBC’s drama for the anniversary of the foundation of the broadcasting company, Padam Padam It was written by Nho Hee Kyung and was produced by Kim Kyu Te. They met agian 5 years after shooting the drama, High Kick.

In the drama, Kim Beom will play the role of  Lee Guk Soo, one of the best friends of Na Moon Hee’s son. Na Moon Hee will take the role of Mija, who is the mother of Kang Chil, played by Jung Woo Sung. They will show people warm family love. Kim Beom will perform as the guardian angel of Kang Chil, making the story more interesting.

Na Moon Hee and Kim Beom appeared on the drama and perform together 5 years after shooting MBC TV’s High Kick.
In High Kick, Kim Beom played the role of a friend of Na Moon Hee’s grand son, which is similar to his role in Padam Padam.

The production agency posted a picture. In the picture, Kim Beom is helping Na Moon Hee with pulling a handcart. People can see their kind and warmhearted characters in the drama, watching Na Moon Hee’s masterly performance and Kim Beom’s good-natured performing. Lots of fans are paying attention.

An official of the set said, “Na Moon Hee cares about Kim Beom, praising him and giving him an advice at the set. They, who  previously performed together, are shooting the drama in a good atmosphere.

In Padam padam, Yang Kang Chil, who was falsely charged with murder and was released from prison after 16 years, is falling with Jung Ji Na, who is selfish and lives to herself. And Lee Guk Soo is trying to keep their love as their guardian angel. The drama, Padam padam will be released on December 5.

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