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Ojakgyo Brothers: Ja Eun wins a contest with a story of Tae Hee and herself

Ja Eun (After School’s UEE) enters a story contest with a real story with Ojakgyo farm family.

On the episode of Ojakgyo that aired on the 6th, Ja Eun and Jae Ha (Jung Suk Won) meet for the first time.

Jae Ha suggests Tae Hee and Ja En going for dinner, and the two confront a tricky situation.

Jae Ha says to Ja Eun, “You ignored my call several times, and turned down appointments to see me. I went on contacting you because I wanted to commercialize your story.”

Jae Ha explains the story to Tae Hee, “This is a story about a duck family. The story is very realistic as well as characters.”

Asked whether it is based on the real story, Ja Eun admits it.

Tae Hee also asks who the lead character Ojaki fancies. Ojaki is the character of herself fancying Tae Hee.

Feeling embarrassed, Ja Eun says, ”Fancying someone doesn’t seem to be proper for a children’s story. I’d rather not commercialize the story.”

Jae Ha adds, “Why do you say that? I didn’t say it would be for children.”

Looking uncomfortable, Tae Hee leaves the table, and Je Ha constantly asks Ja Eun to sign up the contract to make the commercialize.”

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