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ONE TV Asia ‘Scent of a Woman’ Promo: Lee Dong-Wook

Most humble and down-to-earth any Korean actor to visit Singapore yet, Lee Dong Wook certainly has a charm of being calm and collective, yet has a slight sensitive side which he showed during the exclusive meeting with the press in a seperate room after fellow co-star Kim Sun-Ah for the promotion of the hit melodrama Scent of a Woman, currently premiering at ONE TV Asia. He warmly greeted and stood up from his seat to welcome us press as we entered the room. A gentleman indeed with a natural manner, I am sure most ladies with me have lost his heart once again after a hiatus and regular silver screen movies that didn’t make headlines.

Growing an ‘s’ goatee (which slightly reminded me of the resemblance of actor Cha Seungwon with his ‘so’ goatee) makes him look mature and older, from the last we’ve seen him in the hit drama ‘My Girl’ back in 2004.

As the first drama he is starring after the release of his army service, he puts the drama in his own words for the special promotion to Singapore at Avalon, Marina Bay Sands, previously on 5 December, 2011.

About how he came to choose to take this project…

A press has pointed out to him that it is the first drama out of your service and she was wondering why he had chosen a melodrama out of other popular plots. “Now that you’ve said it, yes, it is in fact so. This IS certainly my comeback. [Thinks] In a way, there are a lot of rom coms that has came to me, but I chose this because I wanted a project that would leave a strong memory in people’s hearts. I’ve received the scenario during my service, and by the looks of it and feel I had intuition that this will be successful, which led me to take on this role.”


Adjustments from national service to career…

“It wasn’t much of a difference [adjusting to filming schedule]. I wasn’t concerned much either, because at service, I would go to sleep in the morning and resume the activities in dawn, so it wasn’t much of a difference. But this was a tough project, I had 10 days without proper sleep and my body was not reacting well. However I have thought that should I take leave, the drama will not be broadcasted at the correct time.

By the way, who’s phone is this, the recorder is off,” he nicely pointed out and showed the phone to our view. Tech-savvy, he helped turned on the recorder, showing how attentive he is in front of a myriad of candy phones in different shapes and sizes recording what he say.


About the chemistry with Kim Sun-ah

“I would have believed that I have created good chemistry with other actresses I have worked with. In this particular drama, the story line is different as Sun-ah, the lady in the drama, is suffering. It was quite a difficult position. We communicated a lot which lead to how we became so close. As she is my senior, she had embraced me as a younger junior in acting and led me to act the right way, which I am very much grateful of.”


About the new choco body showed…

This, was a fan’s question who had tweeted to me if he had worked it out during his service or he was working out after that and I have forwarded it to him. It was surprisingly a question that became a favorite, because of his shower scene in the drama. “Well, you could say it was more of a gradual progression. After service, I had a long holiday which I used to go exercise regularly.

Oh dear, this phone, is seriously getting a bit on the nerves,” and again he pressed the button to continue on.


Which lead to the next question by a press if he would accept or decline a topless scene in his next project…

“I don’t feel the pressure and I thank you for the praise but I don’t exactly like to expose myself… I am now in a new drama and well, answering to your question, they did add in a shower scene after that and… [sighs] I am going crazy for that new scene,” which caused an arousal of laughter from the press.


About what he took away from the drama for his own personal life…

“I have become a more thankful person. I thank for having a healthy body and for the people around me that I have affection for are all healthy. I have realized that life is precious, and everyone has to be grateful for such blessing as well. And now, where I usually hesitate to do things, I now would just go and do it, no matter what other people say or think.”

The attentive, sensitive yet warm and caring gentleman Lee, captivated the room with his cool demeanor. As he said to answer my question,  “I have realized that life is precious, and everyone has to be grateful for such blessing as well” is what I hope for everyone to takeaway from the breathtaking melodrama that will shake your hearts to pieces for the humor, perception, and sadness You would have to watch it yourself to understand the beautiful message behind the project; an eye-opener indeed.

That was Lee in his own words for the meeting with the press, just out before the fan meeting.

A big, warm thank you to the team of ONE TV Asia for the invitation and hospitality.

We wish everyone an enjoyable moment to tear up and laugh with the premiering melodrama hit now airing in the channel Wednesdays and Thursdays in this festive season.

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