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Park Min Young and Cheon Jung Myung starts Glorious Jae In with a hug

KBS’s new drama Glorious Jae In starts the first episode with Cheon Jung Myung and Park Min Young’s hug scene.

The first episode of Glorious Jae In, aired on the 12th, will talk about the first encounter of a suffering baseball player Kim Young Kwang (played by Cheon Jung Myung), who used to be a famous player but now off to the minor leauge, and lively assistant nurse Yoon Jae In (played by Park Min Young).

Their first encounter was made in an emergency room. As Young Kwang, who meets an emergency situation while lying on a bed alone without anyone taking care of him after getting injured at his baseball game, Yoon Jae In sees him and accidentally gives his a hug.

This scene was taken in one of the hospitals in Daegu on the 9th. It was their first time seeing each other but they well did the filming with consistent rhythms. The filming continued until late night but they finished the filming without weariness.

Especially this scene was filmed in a real emergency room to create reality. The filming was done while real patients were being carried into the hospital to create more realistic scenes.

During the entire filming, Cheon Jung Myung and Park Min Young continuously discussed with each other about the scenes, trying to create better ones.

Kim Jong Hak Production, Glorious Jae In’‘s production company, said, “Cheon Jung Myung and Park Min Young are well describing each scene as a couple, increasing expectations by acting their roles realistically with delicate expressions. Please support and give them your interest until the last episode.”

Glorious Jae In is a story about Kim Young Kwang, a warmhearted minor league baseball player, and Yoon Jae In, a lively character who wants to be sweet to everyone, and their life and dream looking for the ways to appreciate life and true happiness by overcoming life-long challenges.


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