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Photos taken at the studio of the soon-to-finish Athena

Seoul, Korea – The SBS drama series Athena: Goddess of War, which will finish after only one more episode, has revealed the warm atmosphere of its film studio.

Choi Si-won, who had her birthday during the filming, was very happy when Lee Ji-ah and the Athena staff prepared a cake and a surprise birthday party for her on the NTS set.

A commemorative photo of Jung Woo-sung and Choo Sung-hoon is drawing attention. This picture shows Jung radiating a dandy, carefree charm, and Choo, who has been captivating viewers with his rough, genuine charm, smiling. The picture reveals what a warm atmosphere prevails on the set.

Not long ago, a photo of Lee Han-wi, who was killed by Son Hyeok (played by Cha Seung-won), talking with Cha was also revealed, raising a new conspiracy theory. As in the case of Choo, who was thought to be dead but was revived and played an active role, there is suspicion that there might be a twist to Lee’s death. However, the production crew explains that this suspicion has nothing to do with the plot development but is only a dream of the viewers, who felt sorry about the death of Lee and are porticularly fond of him for his role as a character who always meddled in people’s affairs.

By Yoo Seung Kwan (seungkwan@jtn.co.kr)
Photo from JTN DB
Translated by Sung Kyu Chang / Korea.com

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