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Shin Jung Hwan found in casino again, MBC kicks him off their shows

Shin Jung Hwan has finally appeared, and this time, in a casino once again. Previously, he had made a sudden disappearance; yet according to an associate, he’s been found currently staying at a resort in Mactan Island with his girlfriend from Korea.

Sports Seoul heard a variety of accounts from associates and set out to confirm the truth. According to those that came forward, Shin Jung Hwan, his girlfriend, and 3 or 4 others stopped by a waterfront casino and later stayed in a VIP room for an hour. He wore a hat and covered his face with his hands.

Having already lost 200 million won (around $172,000) with baccarat, many began to wonder where he found the money to gamble again. It was later found through careful investigation that the money he spent was not his own. The associate revealed, “Shin Jung Hwan has no money under his name. Sunday night, he had a drink with some friends and later went to gamble with someone else’s money in order to calm himself.”

The investigation led by Sports Seoul reported that he seemed to be doing fine and is just tired. What they discovered up to this point is that he moved to Mactan Island after he was discharged on the 9th, through the help of a friend. He stayed in resort ‘A’ with his manager until his girlfriend arrived from Korea on the 11th. Shortly after, he left his manager and booked a new room with his girlfriend. On the 12th, when the press was reporting on his disappearance, he was found in casinos with his girlfriend.

The person that Shin Jung Hwan is said to be in debt to (unnamed), is one of the richest figures in the Philippines and works as an agiotage while owning millions in assets. It’s expected that his departure  from the Philippines will be quite difficult without first resolving the debt he has to this (unnamed) person. One associate further revealed, “‘This (unnamed) person has an extreme amount of power and influence in the Philippines, not only with the Korean association but with immigration as well. It won’t be easy for him.”

Not only that but his future return to Korea does not seem like a positive one. MBC reported on the 13th that he will be taken off the variety programs “Bouquet” and “Radio Star.” They stated, “We have no reason to use the words kicked off or leave. He is the one that broke his promise to the viewers. His trust has already been lost.”

“Golden Fishery” already delayed their recordings on the 4th but recently revealed that they were unable to delay the Chuseok special any longer and will be continuing on without him.

“Bouquet” edited out Shin Jung Hwan’s parts and broadcast the episode on the 12th, and another recording has already been completed with only Kim Yong Man and Jung Hyung Don.

The same representative commented, “We have yet to hear his own clarification regarding his gambling controversy. However, not showing up for work for two weeks in a row is something we cannot accept.”

KBS was  the first to kick Shin Jung Hwan off of  “Star Golden Bell” for being problematic to society.

Source: Sports Seoul, My Daily

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