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SHINee’s Onew perfectly sings a teuroteu song

SHINee’s Onew captivated the female audiences by perfectly singing a teuroteu song.

In the episode of SBS TV’s Challenge 1000 Songs that aired on April 29 at 8:10 a.m., Onew teamed up with Ha Chun Hwa and competed against the team of Jeon Won Joo and Ahn Jung Hoon at the finals.

In the episode, Onew fascinated the female audiences by singing Ha Chun Hwa’s “A Man Who Left Me” in a lilting voice. He also sang Seol Woon Do’s “Samba Lover,” dancing a samba.

After Onew finished his performance, host Lee Hui Jae highly praised him and host Jang Yoon Jung also said, “He’s really good. I want to team up with him, too,” seeing Ha with an envious eye.

In the episode, Ha chun Hwa, SHINee’s Onew, Jeon Won Joo, Ahn Jung Woon, Park Jae Hoon, Joo Min Ha, Han Min Kwan, Lady Jane, and Girl’s Day made a guest appearance and competed for their singing abilities. The team of Onew and Ha Chun Hwa became the winner.

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