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Son Dam Bi seduces male fans in a pure white dress

Son Dam Bi, who currently plays in the series Light and Shadow, is recently changed into a beautiful woman of retro style in the magazine InStyle.

During the shooting which took place in a café by Gangnam, Son perfectly featured styling from the 1920s with a marcel wave and smoky make-up. She showed off upgraded elegance and fascination of her beauty. According to a staff member, her appearance caused an illusion to viewers as if they were brought in a café back in the 1920s.

In an interview, the star expressed her affection for acting and work by saying, “Singers are to show everything they have on stage in just three minutes while actors need to keep a consistent character throughout the series. As I act in the series for a while, I sometimes find myself as Chae Young of the Light and Shadow.

She continued, “As soon as the series closes, I’m trying to return with a new album after three years of resting as a singer. Also, I really want to challenge a movie where I can be totally absorbed by the role I play.”

The attractive picture of Son and her story about her passion for fashion and acting will be published in the April issue of InStyle.


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