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Song Joong Ki says he eats apples everyday for his skin care

Song Joong Ki talked about the secrets for his beautiful skin.

Tonight’s TV Entertainment, aired on the 19th, interviewed Song Joong Ki, an actor who received favorable reviews through Deep Rooted Tree as young Sejong.

To the question asking the secrets for his beautiful skin, he answered, “it is important to take care of my skin but I heard having a comfortable stomach is also very important. So I eat apples and drink yogurt everyday. Through regular motions I tried to take care of my health and my skin as well at the same time.”

He also talked about an episode that happened because of his skin, “the most memorable episode was when I appeared on Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors. Jang Seo Hee and Ahn Sun Yung didn’t want to stand by me when we had to be in one scene. They also took the reflecting plates supposed to be used for me when we were shooting scenes together.”

To the question that he had a muscular body, he answered, “I tried to exercise but it doesn’t get any better. I envy Ok Taec Yeon for his muscles. I don’t have a six-pack.”

On the day’s episode, Song Jung Ki’s photos taken when he was young were released and he also talked about his thoughts about being an actor.


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