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Soo Ae, “it was better to take the bed scene with Kim Rae Won at the very beginning”

Soo Ae said, “it was better to take the love scene with Kim Rae Won at the very first time we met.”

Soo Ae attracted people’s attention by answering “it was better to take the scene at the beginning” to the question asking about the striking bed scene, which had been an issue since the 1st episode, at the press conference of A Thousand Days’ Promises that took place on the set in Kyungkido on the 28th.

Soo Ae talked about the intense love scenes appeared from the very beginning part of the drama, “I felt honestly burdened by that. But it was less awkward because we filmed the scenes when we were not close.”

She continued with a smile on her face, “it was particularly difficult because it was the scene I had to take the lead, but Kim Rae Won helped me a lot. If we filmed it after we got close to each other it could be more awkward. Even though we weren’t so close to each other at that time, it was still awkward, but I could act more comfortably.”

Meanwhile, she also expressed a strong affection for her role, “the character I’m playing this time is very strong on the inside. Since the character cannot be described by external descriptions, it is a challenge as an actress. And I’m currently going through a period of growth, facing joy, rewarding experiences, and frustration from this character I’ve never played before. I’m also feeling catharsis by showing different looks inside of me to the audience. I believe there are more hidden looks inside of me.”

Soo Ae is playing the role of Lee Seo Yeon, a tragic character who gets diagnosed as Alzheimer’s while her lover Park Ji Hyung (played by Kim Rae Won) is preparing for a wedding with another woman. She is impressing the audience with her acting, trying to overcome the disease and pain caused by losing her lover.


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