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[SPOILER: Secret Garden] In which Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin experience ‘the event’

The long-awaited event in SBS’s “Secret Garden” series has finally occured!

Ra-Im‘ (Ha Ji Won) and Ju Won‘ (Hyun Bin) finally switched souls during the fifth episode, after they drank the magic potions they received at a restaurant while lost in the mountains. The following morning, the two found that they had switched bodies.

If that particular scene wasn’t enough, fans have been hyping over the still cuts revealed by production company Hwaendam Pictures, in which Ju Won (in the body of Ra-Im) sits on a bench in a manly pose while Ra-Im (in the body of Ju Won) sits in a feminine manner – later, she stretched over and bravely attempted a kiss.

Viewers have been expressing their joy over this comedic moment, especially after producers revealed that each character will be portraying the other’s traits as is.

On the soul switch itself, Hyun Bin comment, “I’m worrying a lot now. As opposed to changing my voice, I’m going to work on doing feminine actions instead. I’m learning a lot from Ha Ji Won, and we’re rehearsing by practicing each others’ script.

Regarding the ‘bench kiss’, the producers revealed, “The sweet bench kiss is an important scene that shows the two characters getting to know one another better. Please anticipate not only their kiss, but other fun happenings in their new bodies coming up as well.

“Secret Garden” managed to rank in at #1 for viewer ratings with a record breaking 23.6%, according to AGB Nielson Media Research.

Source + Photos: Chosun via Naver

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