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“Strong Heart” first broadcast with solo MC Lee Seung-gi rakes in plenty of attention from the viewers

Lee Seung-gi‘s first broadcast of SBS’ “Strong Heart” as solo MC is pronounced to be a good start.

On October 4th, “Strong Heart” aired its first episode without one of its MCs, Kang Ho-dong. Following Kang’s announcement of temporary retirement, Lee Seung-gi, Kang Ho-dong’s co-MC helmed the program alone. Initially, the audience of the hit talk show battle was worried and concerned over what will happen, but Lee Seung-gi had passed this crucial moment with flying colors.

Shortly after broadcast, the message boards were flooded with praises for Seung-gi and his MC skills. Netizens said of his first broadcast, “Can one be satisfied with the first spoonful? Lee Seung-gi has really good sense and skills.”

Lee Seung-gi opens "Strong Heart" without Kang Ho-dong. | Photo from SBS

Others commented, “Today’s broadcast surprised everyone in the audience.” and “We were worried too much, but there was great progress. Looking forward to the next episode!”

More positive comments were given, like, “He really is Emperor Lee Seung-gi!” “He seemed a bit tense during the opening, but he did it well!” “He was alone, but he livened up the atmosphere! His progress was seen, and he really shone. Lee Seung-gi fighting!”

There were also others who missed Kang Ho-dong’s presence and stated, “I miss the times when there were two MCs.” and “It seemed lonely that Seung-gi had to start the show alone.”

Also, some shared their worries, saying, “Lee Seung-gi has gone through a lot and faced the heavy burden of hosting the show alone.” and “Kang’s craziness and powerful intervention between guests will be missed.”

In the broadcast, Lee Seung-gi said, “Today feels a bit lonely, but I’ll just think that the audience is beside me and do my best.” His confidence raised the faith of the viewers, and eventually received flying colors for his work.

KBS2′s “Happy Sunday – 1 Night 2 Days” was also shown last Sunday with Kang Ho-dong also absent from his usual spot at the center. With both of his shows well-received by the public despite the changes, it seems like Lee Seung-gi has proven once again his title of “Entertainment Emperor.”

The episode also featured Boom, Lee Teuk, and the other fixed members, and guests Choi Ran, Gary, Yoo Hye-ri, Hyun Jin-youngKim Bo-mi, and more sharing their stories.

After broadcast, "Strong Heart" viewers posted their praises and thoughts for Lee Seung-gi. | Screencap from SBS Strong Heart message boards

Source: Sports Seoul via Daum

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