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T-ara’s Jiyeon makes a surprise appearance on The Thousandth Man

T-ara’s Jiyeon surprised the viewers by making a sudden appearance on The Thousandth Man.

On the first episode of MBC’s new sitcom, The Thousandth Man(script written by Kim Kyun Tae, directed by Kang Cheol Woo and Choi Hwa Jin), Jiyeon appeared on the news in the series.

This broadcast introduced the nine tailed fox Mi Jin(played by Kang Ye Won) who is looking for a liver of the thousandth man, her mother Mi Sun(played by Jeon Mi Sun), and her younger sister(played by Hyomin).

Shortly afterwards, a nine tailed fox actress who disappeared because she failed to get all thousand livers appeared on the news. The viewers were surprised because the actress turned out to be Jiyeon.

The sitcom The Thousandth Man is about a nine tailed fox, which can turn into a human after eating 1000 livers of men, struggling to find the last thousandth liver. The eight-episode series depicts the nine tailed fox Mi Jin trying to become a human by true love.

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