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The K-pop prince Lee Min Ho does it once again, “Ranks first place on Chinese streaming site”

Actor Lee Min Ho once again created a stir in China.

SBS’s Faith that Lee Min Ho is starring in is becoming a hot issue in China by having the highest views on a Chinese video streaming site.

The video covered the main page of few of the biggest Chinese video sites Youku.com and Letv.com and had the most views. In other sites such as QQ.com, Lee Min Ho’s Faith and City Hunter are ranked in the first and second place as the most popular tv series, proving his popularity.

Not only that, his series entered the top 10 in the TV series category among other Chinese tv series that are broadcast weekly.

On the site of letv.com, Faith exceeded 2.6 million views and Lee’s previous works: City Hunter and Boys Over Flowers are once again attracting attention and entered Top 10.

Amid this fervent response, Chinese netizens are paying attention whether Faith will become more popular than City Hunter. City Hunter which exceeded 120 million views solely on Youku.com is the work that made him the prince of Asia in 2011 by having the most views as a Korean TV series.

Chinese netizens chose the scene where Choi Young(played by Lee Min Ho) getting stabbed by Eun Su(played by Kim Hee Sun) as the best scene of Faith. His fans named the scene as “warrior’s promise kept with his life” and commented: “This is the best character that has ever lived.” “The fantasy is completed by Lee Min Ho.” “I couldn’t stop crying at the scene where Choi Young plunged the sword into himself.”

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