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Various hypothetical endings of City Hunter

Various hypothetical endings recently appeared in multiple online community sites.

Those endings are arousing curiosity because there are only two more episodes before its ending.

Yun Seong and Na Na’s tragic battle, the most tragic ending.

The last episode shocked the audience by revealing that president Eung Chan(Cheon Ho Jin) is Lee Yun Seong(Lee Min Ho)’s biological father. They are likely to confront each other as enemies instead of father and son because the last person on the list of ‘five people assasination’ is Eung Chan.

Na Na and Yun Seong is more likely to confront each other because Na Na(Park Min Young) is a Blue House bodyguard. Netizens speculated this ending because Yun Seong dreamt of Na Na and himself shooting each other in early episodes.

Yun Seong Commits suicide in distress of knowing who his biological father is, Yun Seong’s suicide ending

Eventhough Yun Seong was a City Hunter, he didn’t commit any murder. He became a lonely and solitary man because he was raised rigorously by his step father without his mother. The fact that the president is his biological father will engulf Yun Seong in shock.

Netizens speculate that he will sacrifice himself because Yun Seong asked Bae Sik Joong(Kim Sang Ho) to take care of his mother and Na Na whenever he felt threatened.

Successful ‘five people assasiation’, Na Na and Yun Seong’s happy ending

Many viewers wishes for Yun Seong and Na Na’s happy ending. According to this hypothetical ending, Young Joo(Lee Jun Hyeok) cooperates with Yun Seong in return for Yun Seong’s arrest. With the help of Young Joo, they save Eung Chan from Jin Pyo(Kim Sang Jung) and live happily ever after.

Veterinarian Jin Sae Hee turns into a murderer? A ridiculous ending

This ending’s main character is Jin Sae Hee(Hwang Sun Hee) who helped Yun Seong whenever he was in trouble. Hwang Sun Hee left and inerasable impression in the drama Sign as a killer.

Netizens speculated that she will be reborn as a notorious killer by killing Yun Seong in City Hunter.

Meanwhile, the production crew said, “We can’t say anything about the ending. I hope that the viewers will be with us until the last episode.” City Hunter will be ending with the last two episodes airing on the 27th and 28th at 9:55.

Source: Maxmovie from Yahoo

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