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Who is cuter, Hwang Jung Eum or Park Ha Sun?

Hwang Jung Eum and Park Ha Sun competed to see who is cuter.

On the episode of MBC TV’s High Kick! Short Legs Counterattack that aired on March 6, Jung Eum did student teaching as the only daughter of a company’s headmaster.

Jung Eum acted cute in front of Ji Seok who saved her pet Hirit. After seeing this, Ha Sun headed home and said, “I can act cute too!” in front of the mirror and acted cute by making bunny ears.

Jung Eum seemed to turn away from Ji Seok but never actually let him go. Jung Eum said, “I’m really sorry for everything. School is an interesting place. Be sure to welcome me if I come here as a real teacher.” and gave him a quick kiss on his cheeks. She quickly turned and ran away but tripped and fell.

Ji Seok smiled but Ha Sun looked displeased and rubbed his cheek where Jung Eum had kissed.

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