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Yoo In Na publicly acknowledges her relationship with Ji Hyun Woo, “I’m so happy today.”

Yoo In Na who acknowledged her romance with Ji Hyun Woo couldn’t help but smile throughout the radio show.

On KBS Radio FM’s Yoon In Na’s Turn The Volume Up that aired on June 18 at 8:00 p.m, Yoon In Na officially announced that she is in a relationship with Ji Hyun Woo.

Yoo confessed that she recognizes Ji Hyun Woo’s heart towards her during the shooting of Queen In Hyun’s Man and said, “I like him. I want to have a good relationship. I really like his pure heart.”

This radio broadcast aired in video as well. During her confession, she kept on smiling and showed excitement. Yoo expressed her feelings, “How about acting crazy and do whatever you want to do? Then life would be a lot more abundant. I’m so happy today because I am with you all. This is such a special radio show.”

Yoo gave a good laugh by saying, “This feels like the time when I revealed, ‘I have a boyfriend’ to my family when I was little. Please congratulate me. Hyun Woo, if you are listening to this broadcast, stop smoking. Smoking is detrimental. Anyways, please give your love and attention to the new couple. We will meet quietly. Oh, and I bet there are some of you who have come here because you were curious right? Well join us.”

Previously on June 7 at the ending event of Queen In Hyun’s Man, Ji Hyun Woo confessed, “I want to be honest. The charm of our drama is… on a mental breakdown. Well, you guys will have another mental breakdown because… I love Yoo In Na.”

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